PowerScript Migrator is a code converter that ports PowerBuilder business logic to C#. 80-95% of non-visual PowerScript and embedded SQL can be ported automatically. No matter you are API-enabling PowerBuilder or migrating to C#, porting (not rewriting) existing code is the fastest and lowest-risk approach.

Fastest Path to C#

Highly-Automated Conversion - 80-95% of business logic, including PowerScript syntaxes, non-visual system functions, embedded SQLs, DataWindow functions, properties and events, and NVOs, can be ported to C#, automatically.

Auto-Importing of References - C# class definitions, namespaces, and using statements are automatically added for you to save time.

Efficient Reporting of Errors - conversion issues that will require remediation are reported as inline comments in the generated C# code, right where you need it.

Lowest Project Risk

Port, Not Rewrite - PowerBuilder business logic is mapped to equivalent functions provided by the open-source .NET DataStore, , and .NET Core frameworks. Mapping to such equivalents essentially reduces project risk from a rewrite to a port.

Partition in C# - intermingled visual and non-visual PowerScript code is converted such that partitioning of business logic can be performed in C#, leaving the source PowerBuilder application intact.

Apply Best Practices - C# programming best practices can be automatically applied, such as converting PowerBuilder structures to C# classes.

Open & Standard Architecture

Open-Source Only - the generated C# code has dependencies only on open-source libraries, specifically the open-source .NET DataStore, SnapObjects, and .NET Core frameworks.

100% Managed Code - only pure C# code is generated so that the .NET Core framework is fully managing the runtime, such as exception handling, managing memory, handling security.

Any C# IDE - you can maintain the generated C# code in any C# IDE, such as Visual Studio or SnapDevelop.

PowerBuilder Migration Capability


The PowerScript Migrator is available as a part of either PowerBuilder CloudPro or RapidSharp。

PowerBuilder CloudPro

Deploy existing client/server applications to the Cloud with a C# REST API architecture. The absolute fastest path to the Cloud!



Migrate existing client/server applications to pure C# with any UI technology. Why rewrite when you can automatically port?

Too Busy to Migrate by Yourself?

Talk to an Appeon migration expert if you have any technical questions or are shorthanded to perform the migration.