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Sizes and Colors is a point of sale, inventory control and procurement solution designed for retail shoe stores。 Zapaterias 3 Hermanos is one of our customers, which is the largest shoe store chain in Mexico with 345 locations all over the country。

Sizes and Colors is executing on PowerBuilder 10。5。 The application’s source code size is about 30 MB。 Originally in each of the 345 stores we had planned to have one server and one database。 So we would be managing 345 databases and servers, for example。

We realized the need for an online Point of Sale so all the information would be residing in a centralized server. We were thinking in training our PowerBuilder people in Java but that would have taken us some years.

Then we learned about Appeon and it has been the greatest solution. Our programmers love it since they did not have to learn another programming language. Appeon is fast and reliable.

It took us 1 year to develop the application and install it in all the 345 stores。 We have about 500 users and we use a single server DELL PE2950 to connect all the stores using Appeon。 The System works great! We now have all the information online for all the stores in 1 database that resides in our datacenter。

Besides Zapaterias 3 Hermanos we have about 1,000 other customers。 However, these other customers are much smaller with only a few stores。 Our next plan is to use Appeon so we can offer a Point of Sale as a SaaS。 A SaaS would be a great solution for the shoe stores in Mexico and with Appeon we are confident we will get launch our new offering quickly。

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