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ND Software made its series of “heartwarming” products to web
ND Software has developed a series of "heartwarming" solutions to support business services, such as welfare facilities and nursery facilities for the elderly and persons with disabilities, as well as mission-critical operations such as payroll and financial accounting, by using highly-productive PowerBuilder, which has become indispensable development tools of these series "heartwarming" products now.

The trend of web-enabling apps

is noted, many vendors are working to develop Web applications for their current apps in the industries. However, there is a big problem here. PowerBuilder is unable to be used to develop a web application. "There seems to be the case that those who have developed using PowerBuilder are moving to other languages. However it is difficult to use another development tool to create a Web application, and we often hear talks about that productivity have declined," said Hiroshi Takahashi of the system manager, explains.

WebIn addition to take time to learn, these development environments, it also increases the development hassles. The webification of the application seems to be a new challenge. I decided to take advantage of most of the assets and expertise gained; we seek a method that does not lose productivity in PowerBuilder. We keep gathering information concerning the Web of PowerBuilder , until I finally met Appeon for PowerBuilder which are provided by Appeon Corporation. Indeed, it is a tool that ND Software was looking for. Since “Appeon for PowerBuilder” was introduced in 2006, we can now easily web-enable our PowerBuilder apps.” Mr. Takahashi explained.

  With some modifications, achieve Web easily

Appeon for PowerBuilder is added into PowerBuilder as an IDE, and the wizard will pop up when you start. Just follow the instructions until you can deploy and distribute the apps to the Web server.However, it does not correspond to all the features of PowerBuilder. There are restrictions on some functions. I can fix it by just rewriting some of the source code. When look at that when you compare the web-enabled apps and PowerBuilder apps that you just developed with, I was surprised with the Appeon for PowerBuilder . The feel and operation of appearance does not change much. From the user side, Mr. Takahashi said whether the application is a web application, or a client-server application, I think I do not know.

In the future, smart phones will be supported as well

Currently, Appeon for PowerBuilder has become only compatible with Internet Explorer; it will be extended to also support other browsers in the future. In addition, it will also be compatible to your smartphone. This way, you would be able to greatly expand the width of the use of, PowerBuilder not only compensate for the weaknesses of PowerBuilder, but takes advantage of the Appeon for PowerBuilder. As it is able to take advantage of the know-how and assets PowerBuilder so far, Appeon for PowerBuilder and PowerBuilder has become an indispensable tool to create a Web application “for ND software. Appeon for PowerBuilder is going to be an important tool for companies with challenges those want to take advantage of productivity of “PowerBuilder” and also want to achieve web and mobile. It can take advantage of the know-how and assets of PowerBuilder so far, Appeon for PowerBuilder and PowerBuilder has become an indispensable tool to create web apps for ND Software.
I hope to expand greatly in the future.

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