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PowerBuilder empowers you to build faster, better, business apps for Windows, iOS, and Android。  Develop visually using proven technology standards。  Deploy device, OS, and DB agnostic apps。  Who knew building data-rich cloud apps could be this easy?

What is PowerBuilder?

A Visual IDE

PowerBuilder is a simple, intuitive, and visual-driven IDE to rapidly develop client/server or cloud apps.

Cloud App Architecture

You can use PowerBuilder to build pure or hybrid cloud apps that are powered by REST Web APIs with a microservice architecture.  Learn More

Programming Languages

It supports PowerScript as the native client programming language and C# as the server programming language。

.NET Technology

Server-side programming is powered by the .NET Core, which is Microsoft’s open-source, cross-OS, high-performance .NET framework.  All server runtime libraries are 100% managed code.

Powerful Data Access

DataWindow technology makes data access and manipulation simple and easy no matter developing client/server or cloud apps.

Web & Mobile Deployment

Together with PowerServer, you can quickly deploy your projects to both web and mobile using a universal code base.

Major New Features

PowerBuilder 2019 brings C# Web API & assembly development to PowerBuilder with the productivity that is the hallmark of PowerBuilder。 PowerScript client app development is revamped with new UI technologies and cloud architecture。


Thousands of companies worldwide, including many Fortune 500 companies, are actively using PowerBuilder to develop new apps and enhance existing apps. Quite often PowerBuilder apps are used in mission-critical situations, and dozens of large enterprise customers have as many as 200-900 PowerBuilder developers.

See what customers are saying about PowerBuilder 2019:

PowerBuilder 2019

The fastest path for PB apps and developers to move to .NET and the cloud.

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