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PowerServer Mobile

Easily mobilize the enterprise by leveraging existing PowerBuilder skills and code assets.  Enrich your mobile apps with many PowerBuilder features and Apache Cordova plugins.  And universally deploy a single code base to both Android and iOS.

PowerServer Mobile opens up entirely new possibilities for the type of apps you can build with the PowerBuilder IDE.  With some imagination and creativity, you can create a whole new generation of PowerBuilder apps that blend beloved PowerBuilder features with exciting new mobile capabilities.  Take a look at what some of our customers have created.

Easiest Way to Mobilize

Simply develop a single project in the PowerBuilder IDE, reuse code assets from existing Desktop apps, and deploy universally to both Android and iOS。 There is no need to maintain multiple projects, code in multiple languages, or get tangled in low-level technical details。  Does it get any easier than this?

Powerful Mobile Functionality

Experience data-rich mobile apps that open up the new possibilities of mobile computing. Besides supporting many PowerBuilder features, your mobile apps can access expansive set of Apache Cordova plugins via simple PowerScript APIs.  Powered by a C++ runtime, End Users are presented with a native app, which is typically much preferred over HTML.

Always Up-to-Date

Although your project compiles down to standard 。APK (Android) and 。IPA (iOS) packages, your mobile apps automatically stay up-to-date without any intervention from the End User or the need to implement an MDM solution。  Of course, 。APK and 。IPA packages are compatible with virtually any MDM solution or app store, and can be deployed either publicly or privately。

Native .NET and Java EE Technologies

PowerServer Mobile apps utilize native .NET and Java EE for the middle tier.  As such, they deploy to the Microsoft IIS or leading Java EE application servers. Besides benefiting from the server-side scalability and security these servers provide, your mobile apps can readily integrate with server-side .NET assemblies or Java EE components and Web services.  This .NET or Java EE stack can be virtualized or deployed to the cloud with leading solution providers.


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