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PowerBuilder 2019 R2
Customer Beta Program 

* Beta Period January 15 - February 15

If you are an existing Appeon PowerBuilder customer or an Elevate 2019 attendee, we invite you to join us for this beta program and make your impact on the product’s evolution. Your feedback will be carefully considered for the upcoming revisions of PowerBuilder.

PowerBuilder 2019 R2 Highlights

PowerBuilder 2019 R2 brings revolutionary new features that modernize your application UI, functionality, and architecture, with minimal effort.

 Enhance your application UI & UX without writing a single line of PowerScript。 
 Enrich PowerScript functionality with a vast ecosystem of open-source C# libraries。
 Automatically convert most existing business logic into C# Web APIs。
PowerScript Desktop Development
  -  Codeless UI Modernization, New UI Controls, 。NET Interoperability
C# Web API Migration
  -  Automated C# Migration, .NET Core Compatibility, Open Design
C# Web API Development
  -  Code Scaffolding, Powerful Web API Tester, Docker Integration
New PowerServer Web Enhancements
  -  Consume REST Web APIs with greater ease and security!

PowerBuilder 2019 R2

The fastest path for PB apps and developers to move to .NET and the cloud.

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